Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Wingnuts Roll.

Although I think most of the most rabid wingnuts are personal cowards in both the intellectual and physical sense, that is not what’s motivating them with all this oh noes, hand wringing shit. IMHO

I think at this point, it is pure unadulterated tribalism for a party and brand with three legs in it’s grave and the other slipping. Much as they now forget who GWB was, mainly due to him losing all power for their cravings in that regard, they still have center stage and defend his policies. Largely, because they believe in them, but also because what the hell else they going to do. They were spawned by Bush and Cheney and are children of the damned in that regard. Guarding the Alamo with little more than clenched teeth and spittle.

There are other, and somewhat more sensible and sane republicans out there, at least to know when to quit and do something new, or at least repackaged new. This is what’s behind the crazy tea bag shit and the crazier still notion they can sell it outside the wire of the south and a few other places. Desperation doesn’t care about the odds, it is seat pants flying of the cornered with no where else to turn.

The problem for the GOP and right sided people is there are so many of them, and they are well funded by other crazies that have money to keep it going, until all that is left is Bachmann, Steve King, Eric Cantor et al and the Titanic Stringed Quartet.

Then things might get a little better for them when the bottom comes up to hit them in the face.