Friday, January 20, 2012

The potential GOP candidates that could
have come without spoilage, are sitting this one out. Not wanting to be
tarnished with the ugly to come, directed at Barack Obama and in
general. In addition to, I suspect at this stage, a recognition of
unspoken high respect for his political skills.

It is a setting of the table for a leap of political realignment I
predicted yesterday, that was begun in 2006, and briefly stalled in
2010. That portends to extend past the current economic straights, with a
strong ideological undertow, created by the GOP
itself. And the failure of its 30 year conservative movement. What we
are seeing is the last bright burning of hyper dogma from the party, a
dying convulsion leading to brief re animation. Brought on by pride and
entitlement longstanding and run amuck.

There may well be some more last gasp convulsions before the worm
turns, but it must turn, because the current carcass of a movement has
nothing to offer but pure negative politicking on whatever the target of
the day is.

But soon there will be no place else to hide, and the gooper
braintrust will have to act to salvage something to create another
avenue to power. And it cannot include the tea party manifesto of
destruction and hatred. And must include the fact that the American Pie
must be shared by all.

So long as something drastic and bad does not happen to the economy
or something else, we are on the Newtsters last chance rocket ship to
irrelevant Hell. The GOP won’t vanish into the ethers, but it must reconstitute, and beyond the usual jingoistic bullshit.