Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Reagan tax cuts let them keep more of their money, so they stopped withholding their productivity.

Nope, like the old saying Chuck Colson had hanging on his office wall. Grab Them By the Balls and Their Hearts and Minds Will Follow

Of course he was referring to Vietnam pacification strategies, but tack on 30 years of supply side Reaganesque wingnut economic philosophy mainlined into the American bloodstream, and you can tack onto Colson’s missive, American worker productivity.

There is little remnant left of the balancing equation of Supply and Demand in our so called free market system. The game is rigged to uber collusion and price fixing from unbound monopoly into one big corporate control hub at Plutocrat Central Command.

Or, why? was it coincidence that after a GOP victory and capture of the House of Reps, shortly thereafter Oil prices shoot up as speculators can relax again, after 2 years of the fidgets and self control from the uncertainty of an all Dem run government.

Now the GOP protectors own a piece of government control and can stop any dem tampering with the gawds of profit powers that be. So all of a sudden, any excuse is good enough to ramp up the speculation of boogymen threatening oil supplies, though the same boogymen have always been there. Just the same since Obama’s election and control of both chambers of congress.

The game is rigged from the top, and now the SCOTUS has driven the final nail into the coffin of promoting the general welfare with it’s Citizens United abomination, and all the other abominations to follow for creation of the new order our Corporatocracy, sweeping away all the commietard blather and promises of reform and their blasphemous “demand side” heresy for a share of the pie from anxious peasants in waiting.

There will be three classes in the new pair-a-dime. The Rich, the Poor, and the Security Class confiscating all the stray pitchforks and lanterns.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Poll on GOP Threat To Cut Off Funding For Health Care Reform Law

Typical intellectual lazy American voter, and imo, the prime root of most of our problems. Not only about issues, but about a healthy functioning democracy, that too many think is guaranteed to run smooth for eternity.

Nearly every results of polls is fully dependent on how the question is asked about issues. If the asker does not include potential consequences of a particular issue action, the default position is to reward GOP talking points, that voters also by default prefer. Mostly because wingnuts are white like them, and know the magic words to please these rubes.

In this particular poll on health care, even the dimmest voter can sense disaster of not funding the law, but really not to the fullest extent of that disaster, or the results would have been 100 percent opposed. But you can never expect the 28 percenters to answer in any other way than death to liberals, whatever the issue, and whatever the consequences of smiting the policies of their eternal enemy.

This is a center left country on issues, and a center right country on electoral politics. The tribal instinct is that strong in a society that has not experienced serious enough pain, yet, from GOP governance. Obama kept us out of the abyss for economics, and generally, the public thinks it was republicans pointing out his death panels that is responsible and spending from a bill that was actually pre paid for. So we go merrily on, clueless and lazy, and believing crazy people still have the remedy to it all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Thoughts On the Conservative Movement

I think it’s a sign of desperation plugged into the eternal stupidity and butthurt of conservatives. What do they have to show for the rise and fall of the vaunted conservative movement? The brain dead tea party reactionaries? flying about the room like punctured balloons, and making no sense to the right wing intelligentsia other than affording temporary political survival . They had their day in the sun and playtime for their ideas in real time governating. And it all flopped like it was destined to, from shoving conservative square pegs into a round liberal democracy. Just won’t work.

So wizards like Mecmegan et al sit around all day with a ton of resentment and not much else between their ears for a revival alternative to the rage virus tea tards, who likely scare them as much as us, with their matches and cans of gasoline, and shaky current allegiance to the GOP.

They couldn’t cut the mustard straight up in power, so now they pine to rig the game another way, by forcing themselves and their bullshit into academia, to change the game itself visa vi indoctrination of young minds in their formative state. Not unlike the creationists and homeschoolers circumventing science and all that un godly anti(white) American propaganda. It is all about power, and how to get it and hold it. It is what they must have. The rest is negotiable for that singular purpose.

Navel Gaze on Political Movements

It is why I distrust all political “movements” in this country. At some point, almost always, it becomes about the movers themselves, and not about a better country and world. And has a way of alienating dissent and moderation in service to pragmatic results of adjusted viewpoints.

When that happens, it always fails to produce a usable product for the people it was originally meant for, in this case, the average American.

And when there is failure of this movement, almost always, pathological self parody ensues and loads of butthurt resentment fill that void of governing failure of vaunted movement philosophy. We are seeing it in real time in the conservative world with tea baggers and increasing demands for purity of thought. opponent demonization and hyperfearmongering from the disappointed. The wingnut version of this is far more dangerous than the liberal version, imho. Though the liberal version is bad enough.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Time to Start Blogging Again

Lot's of stuff going on, and we are getting ready to enter the wingnut jihad on killing HCR, and some epic stupidity as a result. Stay tuned.