Saturday, August 29, 2009

Allahpundit and The Boss (Malkin)

Allahpundit used to have a functioning brain cell or two, for a winger. He has gone full raving tea bagging fool lately. His latest cause is torture apologist and all the winging wraiths he calls commenters make me wonder if the Death Panel thing might worthy of actual debate.

He and Ed and the rest of Chickenhawk Brigades hide behind layers of wetsuit protected registration blog boards, where no one can question their dedication to turning America into Idi Amin’s wet dream of screaming cell blocks manned by squads of patriotic fingernail pullers. Meanwhile, the The Monster Queen lays egg after egg of hate filled wanking wingnuttery to kept the Mighty Wurlitzer turning.

Fuck em with abandon. They are not my countrymen, regardless of technicalities.

Wingnut Saturday - TK Funeral Edition

Jaysus Christ on a pogo stick. JUst was reading the braintrust over at Protein Wisdom. Jaw dropping concern for the integrity of Teddy’s funeral service and all that, shameless libtards. In between screes of “hope Ted Kennedy burns in hell”. someone mentioned Sarah pimping Trig on anti-abortion politicking and of course that was different. Also.

Then there’s Bush filling the east room with “Snow Flake” babies to justify his culture of life numbnuttery on Embyo Stem Cells. The ones in in-vitro clinics waiting for the dumpster.

All this on a day the WAPO goes all in for the neo-con torture project. And BTW, though I don’t often read Sullivan because he really is a republican on most issues, he is spot on today in rebuttal to the WAPO nonsense. A must read.

The idiocracy never rests, not for a single damn day.

Wingnut Saturday

They are completely insane. Even some of the ones who made an effort to not be, or at least sound that way. They are digging through ancient files of past wingnuttery, and bigotry (see NRO wistfully recollecting it’s segregationist past for a little modern day spit and polish) in efforts to find a new and improved narrative that will pass muster with the intractably crackered core of the GOP. It will take of lot dolling up the facts for prime time, but it’s all a long war anyways. Unless it jumps to the real thing of politics by other means./

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Was Old Is New Again

When you think about it, what route to electoral success does the RW have left. Their economic theories have run the country into a fiscal ditch/ And as older whites die off, the old wedge social issues of gay marriage etc,,,,, are dieing off with them as younger voters take their place with more acceptance,

They have completely screwed themselves with HIspanic’s ,with all the Xenophobic wingnuttery, and blacks have long since slammed the door in their faces, despite the RW intelligentia efforts to make the GOP a more welcoming place for them, only to be undercut by the anti-affirmative action crowd hollering about white mans angst.

Might as well go all in for white power to save their raggitty asses from a permanent minority. I look for more and more desperate devolution to past racial and ethnic roots, and maybe even sectarian anxieties of the white populace. Especially in the south, in an attempt at electoral evening out since white anglo saxons are still the majority in this country.

They will succeed only in paring down the remaining faithful to an even more distilled wingnut, but they will be loud and increasingly more seditious. There is really no other course other than to split the GOP into two separate parties which would further isolate them in a static minority, at least in the short term. They cannot ever coerce the screaming teabaggers into moderation because they currently have the numbers to beat back any effort to do so.

Rock and a hard place for the right, and a damaging course for the country as a whole to have one third of it’s citizens afflicted with the rage virus.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bi-Partisan Time is Up

I don’t really blame Obama for giving it a go at the bipartisan approach. This is the dudes style and who am I to pan it. But it is rapidly coming time to fish or cut bait.

And after Grassely’s nutty endorsement of Palin’s Death Panel shit, it is now time to cast aside any hope of getting a few GOP votes in the Senate. Obama knows and every dem on Capital Hill knows, that the wingnuts were never going to let government touch their precious cash cow we call our Health Care System, at any degree more than it does now with medicare, which they hate with a white hot passion.

Political Kabucki has it’s place, but is not the game. And as surely as repubs won’t vote for govment involvement, there are a plethora of progressive dems in the House who won’t vote for a meaningless bill, with no PO. This die was cast before the curtain even opened. We have heard a lot about the Blue Dogs, but they are only about 50 in number. There are a whole lot more liberal House members.

Obama’s error and dems in the Senate was letting the Senate Finance committee drag out their non-sense and become THE focus of attention. I suspect the corrupt Baucus and his winger pals were more than delighted they could.

But this isn’t an election year, thank Gawd. And when congress returns and hands are forced, we will have something solid to debate and the largely pre ordained drama will play itself out, and it will come down to Senate dems having the gumption to go it alone and do the right thing, or not.

I really don’t think we are going to get a bill without a strong PO. The House liberals, even though they are presently quiet, won’t have it. So it will be either a good bill, or none at all. Opinions are like A-holes, everbody got one. This is mine.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That Was Then, This Is Now

It isn’t 1970 anymore and moderates and independents are wiser from suffering 15 years of GOP congress control and the past eight of Bushism. No going back to the old race baiting, God, Guns and Gays, at least for the foreseeable future.

Economic destitution wrought by the goopers still trumps faux patriotism wedge plays and hate mongering has permanently turned off NE fiscal conservatives. And young people are having none of the old bullshit. Throw in thoroughly alienated Hispanics from the RW Xenophobes and the gettable vote contracts even more.

The only viable card in the winger deck is spending/deficit concerns that are at least legitimate. But the racial fears, anxiety, and outright hatred are mussing up any message on spending trepidations of the center. Welcome to the GOP entrenched southern base and the blood curdling Rebel Yell serving as political debate for hope and prosperity. You bought it wingnuts, now you own it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Call Your Death Panel and Raise a Denial Engine

Sarah says democrats want to establish “Death Panels” to deny health care.

I give Sarah the “Denial Engines” currently being used by private insurers to deny claims when people get sick.

“Denial Engines” exist and are killing people, Government “Death
Panels” do not, nor will they ever. Herein lies a lie versus the truth.
There are many more.

The problem is bound to grow as insurers make use of
sophisticated data tools dubbed “denial engines,” which are touted to
reduce reimbursements by 3 to 10 percent. Bearing brand names like
Ingenix Detection Software and Bloodhound Technologies’ ClaimsGuard,
they search patient records for any signs that claims have strayed
outside company parameters. Weeding out fraud or speeding up processing
is one thing; serving up excuses to deny legitimate coverage is another.

Technology of death.

Saturday, August 1, 2009