Saturday, August 29, 2009

Allahpundit and The Boss (Malkin)

Allahpundit used to have a functioning brain cell or two, for a winger. He has gone full raving tea bagging fool lately. His latest cause is torture apologist and all the winging wraiths he calls commenters make me wonder if the Death Panel thing might worthy of actual debate.

He and Ed and the rest of Chickenhawk Brigades hide behind layers of wetsuit protected registration blog boards, where no one can question their dedication to turning America into Idi Amin’s wet dream of screaming cell blocks manned by squads of patriotic fingernail pullers. Meanwhile, the The Monster Queen lays egg after egg of hate filled wanking wingnuttery to kept the Mighty Wurlitzer turning.

Fuck em with abandon. They are not my countrymen, regardless of technicalities.

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