Monday, August 30, 2010

Let the games begin

The first time I actually laughed while driving home listening to conservative Christian radio. While the commenters were careful to couch their "concerns" in praise for Glen Beck's White Fest, they started to question his religious principles. Of particular concern is the fact that Beck is a Mormon. Mormon's are not real Christians, and one call-in voiced real concern that not enough people attending the rally know where to "draw the line."

The irony is that not one commenter or call-in raised any Constitutional issues regarding taking the country back for "real" Christianity. That the founding fathers and our founding fathers supported a Christian nation was taken as a given. That those who call themselves Christians get to pick and choose who is pure enough. And, that yes we have freedom of religion, as long as we recognize that conservative Christianity trumps all other religions and has a priviledged place in our culture, and hopefully, for some (too many) in our government.

So as far as I can tell, the rules of the game are this. Carry the Constitution, preach a return to basic Constitutional values and precepts, but don't actually read what the Constitution says, or value how our founding fathers struggled to ensure a secular government. And, don't ever mess with our ability to carry guns.