Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good New Is Wherever You Can Get It


It's about fucking time this crook was put on trial. I had begun to think somehow it would get swept under the rug in The Republic of Texas. But it seems Tom Delay will finally be brought to trial.

DeLay Money Laundering Case May Finally Be Headed To Trial

Five years after he was charged with conspiracy and money laundering in an alleged scheme to funnel corporate money into the 2002 Texas elections, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay may soon stand trial after a ruling by a state appeals court cleared perhaps the final remaining obstacles in the case.

And his lawyer tells TPMmuckraker DeLay couldn't be happier with the state of the case.

"He wants to go to trial. He's been wanting to go to trial from the very beginning," says Dick DeGuerin, the high-profile Texas defense attorney who is representing DeLay. "There's no evidence by any stretch of the imagination that could convict him."

Yea right. We shall see if Delay's giddiness will hold. Al Capone was giddy too, also.

It's Not Easy Being An Obamunist

Senator Jeff Sessions is pre condemning the SCOTUS nominee to replace the retiring John Paul Stephens.

“He said that he wanted a judge who would consider the impact the decision would have on ordinary Americans,” Sessions (R.-Ala.) said in an interview with HUMAN EVENTS. “That’s a call to something other than the law and the facts. That’s a call to something more akin to politics than law. And so again I think the President’s presenting a troubling philosophy, and you have to assume that’s the kind of judge he’s going to nominate.”

Well, we can't have people in government worrying about ordinary Americans, now can we. /wingnut