Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Republican Presidential Candidates

No one can stomach Santorum other than the home schooled evolution deniers, and even then, some of those won’t as well. Santorum is a true believing extremist, well beyond any norm for religious candidates for POTUS. And with overtones of fascist theism.

America is a religious country when pollsters call citizens and ask if they are religious, and many will even claim they believe in the Genesis version of events for creation. But that is where it ends for most, and begins at repulsion of religious imposition on their daily lives. They want their birth control because they like to fuck, and like their abortion for often the same reason, plus they have daughters.
Rick is the worst kind of big government wingnut, and that is why the other wingnuts don’t like him, and are frightened by the prospect of a Santorum run. And the indies would just crush him, not to mention women folk. He would likely put a bug up lazy moderate voters and dem voters to go vote. Gingrich would do that too, but the other wingers know Newt is a follow the money corporatist above all else, and is mostly acting the part on other wingnuttery. He’s crazy, but not insane, as Santorum is.

And also too, Rick is a pure regressionist, economically. He is Ryan squared in that department, the worst kind of militant Jesus believer, picking winners over losers and discarding the rest. A Santorum campaign would get at least 40 percent, but very possibly not more than that, and would likely drive a stake through what is left of GOP electability for the near term, at least. Giving Obama and dems a huge win.

He is the male supremacist prototype with the certitude he is right according to a holy book he interprets, and comes with all the other white supremacist tendencies of the south, which is why he did so well there, I suspect.
I think if Newt ever made it to president, he would likely be another GWB. Hair trigger with the military and all out corporate stooge, with some sense of the limits of right wing policies the country could accept. Then there is Romney, the Tom Ripley candidate that is impossible to foresee what he would do, other than favor the wealthy. The rest would be a day to day affair of who he thinks he needs to please most

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Current State of Affairs

I think the GOP of today is a “built” entity, mostly for the purpose of winning elections and power. Most of the elements that include a sense of decency and country were already taken by the democratic party, so they had to build an oppo party that could cobble enough votes to win elections.
And it began with the Southern Strategy and immediately before that the Red Scare Bircher types, and from there added on The Moral Majority, and later in the 90’s disparate groups like Neo Cons and the quisling libertarians. All of this glued around the existing core of conservatism, being status quo maintenance and hoarding and protecting wealth, privilege and the power that comes from that hoarded wealth.
They had to win elections to maintain that core, so they put together a Frankenstein Party and invited all the whackadoos in to join up for the cause. The religionists and their sexual police are just front and center for the present, later it will be the neo con turn with Iran and bombing brown people. Then the xenophobes will have some fun with immigration reform when Harry Reid brings it up soon. And the wheel of misfortune will turn to each faction for the limelight. A horror show of id fueled mayhem and insatiable appetite for control or destruction, one or the other.
But the Frankenstein Party, soon found out it also needed a uniting dear leader top down person to keep the wingnutting effect to a minimum and the crazies to all behave themselves enough to get elected and stay elected. Ronnie Reagan, then George Bush.
But the inmates got restless as the excesses piled up under Bush and Cheney, massive transfers of wealth via tax cuts, military industrial complex gluttony, and a practiced end to any and all financial and business regulation that led to TARP ONE and the implosion of the conservative movement as it was—a cogent theory on paper, practiced with a degree of restraint and deflection to not cause the rubes to ask pesky questions as they were being robbed blind.
Now the crazies all want to run the show, and there is no one to make them behave, no Reagan , no Bush, and the majority southern contingent bullied itself into the clown car drivers seat, and we are where we are.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Republican Head Shrinking

It is about getting and keeping power, in the end. It is the aphrodisiac for the weak minded to assemble under the banner of republican. Some of them hate women, some hate people of color, some hate everyone not white, but republicans have had the economy of a predator that usually doesn’t waste energy on what matters least to their aims.

And for right wingers, that is power. The full frontal assault on women’s health issues is not economical, and the lizard has gone mad for lack of prey. Because of forces out of its control. So it is stupid assaults on various voting blocks to please other voting blocks. But women make up 52% of the electorate, way more than the religionists that want to control sex for some bizarre allegiance to God.
All of this, at least the all out nature of it, is a sideways attempt to get votes. But the ratio of alienated voters from their actions, almost certainly will far outstrip any gains they may make with other voters.

They can’t stop the numbers increasing for those who vote, and won’t vote for them, at least without fully breaching the constitution, and they can’t change who they are, at least enough or fast enough, so we get self destructive malicious attacks, lashing out to regain control of single issues, like birth control, which is surrogate for attempts at wielding religion as a weapon beyond the constitutional firewall in our system of government, another road fraught with treasonous implication.
When all the spiteful fury is spent for desperate attempts at keeping power, and after they have lost those ill advised assaults, like on women’s health, I honestly don’t know what they will do. It will be a point of reckoning for us all.

Shrinking the GOP Mind

The primitive brane lives in all of us, for sure. And to different degrees, these lower mind functions are filtered through the conscience mind to recognize, reason, and filter that kind of primal thinking. For whatever reason, hereditary, childhood experience, simple environment, the people I call wingnuts, seem to be lacking the elements to process a higher consciousness, to manage these primal impulses. And they are run by compulsive reaction that forms their world view.

It is fear to blame, imo, mostly, of one sort or another, right on up to the existential kind, that rules their behavior and ultimately their political formulations. The filter is either very weak or non existent to separate out what is important and what is not in conducting their lives.

There are those wingnuts who are just sociopaths and hucksters taking advantage of the frantic world of right wingers. But most are simply drenched in a kind of all consuming terror, and the way it manifests itself, especially when under duress, is a manic rush to control their external environment to the nth degree.
And in these times, rattling around in their wingnut belfries, is the biggest fear of all. And that is becoming a white minority in their own country. So we see what we see. Folks out of control and lurching for one life preserver or another to cause others to behave the way they want them too. With the fantasy that if they can just do that, the fear will leave them

The Modern Moderate Politician In America

If moderate is determined by someone who wants both a party affiliation AND a process open to compromise, then they are for sure extinct in the American pol wild, for the foreseeable future, imo.. As we are in a period of struggle with a GOP that is dying, at least as it has been, and when that happens the natural response is for them to grasp for a little more and more purity to make it all better. Which is exactly the wrong thing to do. And that goes double for a party that exists for no other reason than to oppose change, and maintain the status quo.
There is very little the conservatives are for these days, beyond permanent war and maximizing profit for the few. They are defined by what they are against, which is everything liberal and progressive, and the urge is toward being better and more of what your purpose is for existing in the first place.
And in a two party system, one side or the other gets to pick the rules of engagement to the lowest denominator, and those are the rules the other side must accept in order to win. At least to the necessary degree.
I think democrats are in pretty good shape over all. Not perfect, with still surges of GOP light left over from the country’s and its voters, 30 year experiment with the hard right. And taking to the populist bent is wide open for them to make hay with. The biggest mistake they could make would be doing the same over reach as the republicans, and instead, focusing like a laser on what works to achieve their policy goals. Which are things like near universal health care coverage, without going all or nothing for a single payer system, for now. As well as other end result progress for the 99% whose lot they are charge with improving.
We have a super smart, if imperfect president, who is a good learner, and understands the current politics as well as anyone – as well as a pretty stable rank and file voter base, along with the reps they picked to represent them.
There is nothing wrong with the more pure in ideology to voice their wants, but only if it is done within the dem tent. If we don’t end up in ashes due to global thermonukular warfare, I like the odds better than I did. Thanks to the GOP porcupine, flopping over so every one can see the soft underbelly of what they are really about.