Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Current State of Affairs

I think the GOP of today is a “built” entity, mostly for the purpose of winning elections and power. Most of the elements that include a sense of decency and country were already taken by the democratic party, so they had to build an oppo party that could cobble enough votes to win elections.
And it began with the Southern Strategy and immediately before that the Red Scare Bircher types, and from there added on The Moral Majority, and later in the 90’s disparate groups like Neo Cons and the quisling libertarians. All of this glued around the existing core of conservatism, being status quo maintenance and hoarding and protecting wealth, privilege and the power that comes from that hoarded wealth.
They had to win elections to maintain that core, so they put together a Frankenstein Party and invited all the whackadoos in to join up for the cause. The religionists and their sexual police are just front and center for the present, later it will be the neo con turn with Iran and bombing brown people. Then the xenophobes will have some fun with immigration reform when Harry Reid brings it up soon. And the wheel of misfortune will turn to each faction for the limelight. A horror show of id fueled mayhem and insatiable appetite for control or destruction, one or the other.
But the Frankenstein Party, soon found out it also needed a uniting dear leader top down person to keep the wingnutting effect to a minimum and the crazies to all behave themselves enough to get elected and stay elected. Ronnie Reagan, then George Bush.
But the inmates got restless as the excesses piled up under Bush and Cheney, massive transfers of wealth via tax cuts, military industrial complex gluttony, and a practiced end to any and all financial and business regulation that led to TARP ONE and the implosion of the conservative movement as it was—a cogent theory on paper, practiced with a degree of restraint and deflection to not cause the rubes to ask pesky questions as they were being robbed blind.
Now the crazies all want to run the show, and there is no one to make them behave, no Reagan , no Bush, and the majority southern contingent bullied itself into the clown car drivers seat, and we are where we are.

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