Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too Lazy To Blog

It's hot as hades again here, so my brain is overheated and not functioning properly. Cooler tomorrow, or supposed to be.

Shitty Day with some Laughs

Shitty Day...While my work was praised, my boss told me the money for me, and others, is running out. She wants me to stay, but at a reduced salary -- the same work, the same teaching and advising responsibilities, but to be done in less time. If I raise some funds, my salary will go back up...The perils of hard and soft funding...
But on the bright side, Lady Sarah informed us that Obama should have consulted the Dutch, who are experts at building dikes and dams. It left me wondering what a dam would look like in the middle of the Gulf...As for dikes, not really sure how to wrap my creative mind around that...
And, Lady Michelle informed us that requiring BP to provide an initial $20 billion towards claims and clean-up amounts to a redistribution of wealth...Coming from someone who receives farm subsidies, which does amount to a redistribution of our wealth, I am amazed that she still has a job and an audience.
For the right, no matter what Obama does, it is not only not enough, but somehow shows his contempt for the American way of life. Free market and no regulation, until we have an environmental disaster...Then, he is criticized for the lack of government control and regulation. When he pushes for government solutions, he is criticized for subverting free enterprise and at the same time not doing enough.
So all is all, while I had a shitty day, I think Obama's day was even shittier.
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