Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I/m Baaack!

Was going to wait till the end of the month to end my internet vacation, but my landlord is raising the rent in 3 months, so I need it to look for a new place. Great, and now with a doggy to find something. Unless I can work out a long term lease to keep the same price. The good news is the wife of one of the owners likes me and is working on her hubby to relent. Our friendship is just friends, but it could all backfire anyways. We shall see.

Meantime Charlie is doing just great, though it is hot as hell here now and his thick fur doesn't help and he kind of mopes around till nightime and cooler temps. Politics still sucks and I am in no rush to start writing about it just yet. till later

A little Charlie pick me up. From yesterday our romp around the Historic mining town of Pinus Altos NM, He is pooped and so was I after our walk in 98 degree tems.

Pinos Altos NM