Monday, May 17, 2010

Time For a Blog and Internet Vacation. cont.....

It is a beautiful morning this morning here in the high desert. Plenty of sunshine, no wind and warm, but not hot - yet. The Hummingbirds are up for their sugar water breakfast and Charlie is still snoozing. He is a late sleeper, as always.

I will be turning in my Cable Modem in a couple of hours and be disconnected from the rough and tumble internet world. I just hope the Firebaggers and pumas don't impeach Obama while I'm gone. Too bad Balloon Juice and it's owner has joined them, seemingly. Could be wrong. Hope so, but no left wing blog is an island of anything, especially in the Borgish political blogosphere inhabited mostly by meat eating ideologues. Left and right wing. We shall see. I will check the blog and my email and report on Charlie doings, and other stuff maybe once a week from the computers at the county library. Meanwhile, somebody please hold down the Obot Fort. There aren't that many of us now, and since Obama is worse than Bush according to most of the Netroot hordes and apparently now including John Cole. till later. stuck

Update- good news is, Gallup's most recent approval rating for Obama people calling themselves "liberal democrats" is at 86 percent. The internet puma's are an anomaly and a small fraction of the liberal base, it seems. Or, mostly a Tempest in a Crockpot.