Saturday, April 30, 2011

Every politician in our society is “corporate” to one degree or another, even Bernie Sanders. We live in a hyper capitalist society pretty much top to bottom. It is a question of how we treat those among us with the least, and those who can’t otherwise help themselves. A liberal is simply someone who values this as a worthy and righteous goal of government to do these things folks can’t do for themselves, and to try and defuse the natural tendency of wealth to beget more wealth at he hands of the wealthy. And to use that financial wealth to wield political power for that singular purpose . But being a corporatist in a capitalist society is no sin in and of itself, as most of our jobs and means to create lives is corporate based.

Dems have let us down only to the extent the voting public has made their choices to side up with right wing greed delivered from the greedy politicians they put into power. And most of that has come from addiction to unlimited credit, at the expense of real capital based economy.

Citizens United guarantees this will become much worse, before it has any chance of getting better. imo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Race and the Professional Left

If you'd asked me when GWB was president, I likely would have said it may be some about race. If you'd asked me a year into Obama's presidency, I might have said it was maybe more than some about race,. Now, the more I delve into politics and each new day of Obama's presidency, I am getting to the point, if not already there, that it is damn near ALL about race, in one way or another. With class warfare as the wrapping for it all. At least with electoral and governing politics.

The only folks it may not be in that order are the unlikely plutocrats, who only see green, though they surely do send out their culture warriors fixated on black and white and brown etc....

I can't help but think the pro lefters are growing more anti Obama, with more unhinged perceptions of what he has accomplished by comparison to other dem presidents, because each day they see his black face in the WH, is another day of growing discomfort confronting their own prejudice in conflict with their high notions of liberal existence. Whilst not as virulent as the right wing racism, is still racism..

It is the biggest threat to his reelection, I suspect. Not only from firebaggers, but a lot of other Americans uncomfortable having race placed so prominently in their lives with a black president. It will be a contest, whether that discomfort turns to acceptance and some measured enlightenment for potential Obama voters, or too many of them just say fuck it, I want a white face looking at me from the WH. No matter what other factors exist that are rational and beg to differ

Your Easter Weekend Moment of Wingnut Zen

Arthur C Brooks, (I can always spot a wingnut knob slob for the rich, when they use a middle initial) whinges over Obama's rhetoric and proposal to tax rich people. Otherwise known as people with extra cash to tax/ He states the yadda yadda yadda, we got one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, but neglects to tell us we also have the  biggest and most  tax loopholes in the world favoring the wealthy, who often as not, end up paying exactly zero in income tax, even with ginormous profits.

He goes on from there about all the fairness crying foul, and the death of jobs, yadda yadda yadda, from actually making rich people pay more taxes, trickle down blowharding. But someone forgot to edit the Freudian slips of truthiness, that sometimes leak out onto the pages of national publications like the Washington Post Opinion Pages.

blah blah blah. The leadup as the regular class warfare canard leveled at liberals and a dem president. The high brow intellectual pooh poohing emo libtards in favor of the cold steel trap mind fu logic of the adults in the room. Wingnuts of course. Then we finally get to the truth, to be handled or not.

While conservatives have criticized the economic principles and class-baiting cadences of Obama’s budget rhetoric, no one has answered his fundamental charge that the Ryan plan is unfair. Conservatives have long stayed away from fairness debates, preferring to build unemotional arguments on the right angles of economic efficiency. This is a lost opportunity. Advocates for limited government can win the fairness argument in a walk.

Badda bing. The fairness phobia. It's all republican, pure and simple. Or, as my grandpappy used to say. "grab hold yer wallet when a wingnut starts talking about fairness"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your Moment In Wingnut Zen

On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer explained that the only real difference between liberals and Islamic radicals was that "so far [liberals] haven't taken to killing people."  But other than that, they are pretty much the same because both groups hate America, freedom, and God:

And the only difference between a lump of shit and a republican is that one has taken to killing people.

Smells like teen spirit - Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Barber, Samuel - Agnus Dei (Adagio for Strings), Choir of Tr

White Liberal Racism

It really isn’t surprising to me that so many republicans
choose to believe Obama wasn’t born here. It is a proxy for the
perpetual horror that for the first time, a US president doesn’t look
like them. For the nativist level of these folks mindset and existence,
it is only a short distance to believe any kind of nonsense for
affirmation of deeper beliefs and fears.

It is also an article of mistrust of the most basic kind of Obama not
being one of them. I really don’t get so angry at that as I do the more
subtle racism and racial anxiety coming from my fellow white liberals.
It is again, I think, a basic trust issue, but is more related to
finding a scapegoat for their childlike expectations for more pure
liberal results from Obama’s governance and it’s legislative products.

The thing that really pisses me off about white liberal racism, is
the apparent license they feel to get personal with their criticism of
Obama. The “pussy” thing/ Or “capitulator” and general emasculation
rhetoric coming from some corners. Stuff you did not hear with their
criticism of Bill Clinton.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thoughts On the Recent Obama Signing Statement Concerning His "Csars"

Of course, Congress cannot use it’s power of the purse to prevent the
president from carrying out his constitutional duties. The problem is
at this level we are dealing with foundational concepts of separations
of powers between the branches. And it has long been the case, that the
only way to get a clear ruling in a murky case like this, between
congress express plenary, or total power of the purse to run the
government, is through judicial branch, And they long loathed to
intervene and define these foundational powers of the other branches.
Especially on something this minor.

Bush, like everything else he did, took this sometimes low level
butting heads of congress and the executive branches way past any thing
that has occurred before, or at least recently, to violating every law
he didn’t like with signing statements, and also those in effect when he
took office.

The question of whether candidate Obama flip flopped from his promise
to not make SS’s like Bush. Well, yes, he did in this case. But context
and perspective relevant to the period before Bush when such matters
were fairly minor tiffs with congress, does matter. Candidate Obama, as
all candidates makes promises in the pol heat of the moment on the
campaign trail. Flip flopping on this one doesn’t bother me much, and is
not a need for a huge constitutional crisis, or a condemnation of Obama
for something that has happened for a long time before Bush on such a
minor political point made by the wingnuts passing this silly provision.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking For Volunteer Readers and Posters

If anyone is interested in reading regular posts from myself from a perspective of basic Obotism, though with reasoned and factual dissent, please leave a message. I have trouble writing stuff just as a diary that no one will read. But if there are at least 8 or 10 regular readers I will start posting regularly. Similarly, if anyone is interested in being a thread poster here, let me know and we can talk about it;

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