Saturday, April 23, 2011

Race and the Professional Left

If you'd asked me when GWB was president, I likely would have said it may be some about race. If you'd asked me a year into Obama's presidency, I might have said it was maybe more than some about race,. Now, the more I delve into politics and each new day of Obama's presidency, I am getting to the point, if not already there, that it is damn near ALL about race, in one way or another. With class warfare as the wrapping for it all. At least with electoral and governing politics.

The only folks it may not be in that order are the unlikely plutocrats, who only see green, though they surely do send out their culture warriors fixated on black and white and brown etc....

I can't help but think the pro lefters are growing more anti Obama, with more unhinged perceptions of what he has accomplished by comparison to other dem presidents, because each day they see his black face in the WH, is another day of growing discomfort confronting their own prejudice in conflict with their high notions of liberal existence. Whilst not as virulent as the right wing racism, is still racism..

It is the biggest threat to his reelection, I suspect. Not only from firebaggers, but a lot of other Americans uncomfortable having race placed so prominently in their lives with a black president. It will be a contest, whether that discomfort turns to acceptance and some measured enlightenment for potential Obama voters, or too many of them just say fuck it, I want a white face looking at me from the WH. No matter what other factors exist that are rational and beg to differ

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