Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What we do for our darling pets

A break from political crap. Smrda our kitty who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism is doing better. We were caught in a loop -- she went to the vet for teeth issues, but we found out that she has this condition that could kill her if not treated -- it could lead to heart failure. We can't treat the teeth until we get the thyroid under control. This has meant daily squirts of liquid in her mouth. But, as anyone who has a cat knows, even daily squirts in the mouth can be difficult and painful for the squirtee. And, Smrda does have a few anger issues. So the procedure was that I held her and her paws while my husband squirted. I became the bloodied one.

Unfortunately, as usual, my husband is off on one of his 5 week trips. No way could I hold her and squirt. So our vet -- who is one of the most awesome people ever -- gave me some cream to put in her ear daily. So far, not too bad. Once got her head instead of the ear and once got her butt.

But, we still have the eating issue. We took her to the vet initially because she seemed to have problems eating -- this from a cat who once was 20lbs. Clearly a tooth or gum issue.

We have to wait a month before we can give her a teeth cleaning. Our vet didn't want to put her under until we dealt with other issues.

Well, our darling Princess, with the anger issues, has decided that she CAN eat, but only if I put the wet, yuk food in my hand. No eating out of cans or bowels for her. Only my hand. So every morning and every evening, I sit on the floor, with wet, yuk food in my hand, and she happily eats and eats and eats.

I now have prunes for hands -- to get the smell out I have been washing my hand with dish soap. If I could put my hand in the dishwasher I would.

All for love.....