Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Do Most Voters Want?

 They want what they have wanted for
the past 70 years, a solid middle class life with some financial and job
security. They don’t care that corps make a killing, long as they get
that white picket fence largely without the worry of job loss.

Politics to them is a necessary evil, and right now they are paying
attention more than usual because they are fiscally afraid. The problem
with your fantasies is that you don’t focus on the core problem, and
that is money in politics. In large amounts. Any third party is going to
have to navigate that course, and even more so with CU.

Most of The dems in office realize the problem and would be willing
to fix it, if they had the numbers of progressive types to vote for the
radical change that is needed. There is no one in the GOP
that wants anything to change, lest it be for mo money for them and
their friends. So, until money is out of politics, or by deprivations,
the large majority of voters put the progressives in charge, these folks
have to play that game to get elected in the first place. That is why
something like OWS has so much potential, not
as a entity for an alternative to politics, but as a source of
information coming from ordinary people, bypassing the filters and
special interests the system is riddled with. Democrats of good intent
will respond as such, but they follow the people, because there are no
heroes in politics. Only people who want something, and people who want
something else. Idealism is a good thing when married to practical
reality. Otherwise, it is just fancy navel gazing.