Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Conservative?

My experience in life around all sorts of people with all sorts of personality traits, has taught me there is a minority subset of persons I believe to be fundamentally wired to be conservative, and wingnutty as well. If I had to put a percent around it, that could be the number 27. I don’t have any scientific data to back that observation up, but am convinced of it.

I don’t know if there is a corresponding congenital liberal, likely cause I am one of some stripe. So that muddles the mind a bit for the sake of objectivity.

But most republicans, I think, are not predisposed or destined to be wingnuts by their genetic wiring. Whatever else may lead these kinds of conservatives to act like they do, seems to have a common thread of lack of empathy, or concern for their fellow humans. They may care about family deeply, and even others for their own reasons. BUT, they have the option of simply not giving a shit about people in general, and by coalescing around a political gathering point, like a pol party, provides all the reinforcement needed to not give a shit, if they so desire. There is safety in groups no matter what the issue, but the GOP lends a fig leaf for those who choose to be assholes, if they so desire.

I see the GOP, above all else, as the lazy party full of morally lazy people, because it takes effort and pain to give a shit about your fellow man. And is easy to throw up all sorts of meaningless placards of this or that philosophy or belief, to justify going thru life a self absorbed dickweed. Things like the GOP mantra of ‘personal responsibility”, to not lend a hand to the hungry or the sick, in a manner that makes a difference.

Of course, until they, the wingnuts, gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Then it is somebody elses fault, probably a liberal to blame for their failures, some how, some way.