Thursday, June 10, 2010


McCain and crowd still talk about invading Iran...A friend of mine, who has worked in Iraq for years, just returned. She said that Iraq is crazier and more dangerous than ever before. Contractors no longer have US military protection. Crime has increased, the factions are at each other's throats, and it's nearly impossible to tell who is in charge...Yes, let's invade Iran because we have done such a great job of bringing democracy and stability to Iraq...And, let's not forget how well Afghanistan is turning out.

Blanche Lincoln Doesn't Blink

Lincoln Keeps Pressure on Banks/via Political Wire

"Lincoln wrote a controversial provision in the bill that could force banks to spin off their lucrative derivatives-trading operations. Bankers and many lawmakers assumed the provision would wither once Ms. Lincoln lost her primary -- or even if she won, given the diminished political imperative to look tough on Wall Street. But her victory appeared to have the opposite effect, with Democrats saying her standing is now strengthened, particularly as it appears the populist provision resonated with voters."

Said Lincoln: "We're going to work hard to keep it in."

The Firebagger left wingnuts will get their knickers in a twist over this. They hate Blanche so much, this will be viewed as just another devious plot to destroy progressive morale. How dare she stick to her guns after diabolically defeating lefty icon Bill Halter in Tuesday's democratic primary.

Hot Off the Grassely

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has an idea about how to rid the Gulf of Mexico of oil forever, and all we need is a brewery, some yeast, and “those microscopic things.”

More genius politicking from clueless wingnuts. This will not go down easy with the "Bubba" vote in Loosiana. Sacrificing good beer like this will be viewed as added tragedy akin to pouring Holy Water into your radiator.

And BTW Chuck, those "microscopic things" are dead brain cells.