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Things As They Are

We been outsourcing our jobs in the flat earth eyes of dreamers, and maybe they just ain’t here anymore. Especially the manufacturing jobs our current middle class is built on.

I suspect it means we are in for some required contraction of both our productivity overall, and the middle class lifestyle we have been used to.
For decades we have done nothing but increase the bottom line of corps, under the Reagan trickle down bullshit, and that has been firmly woven into our big money politics, (and about to go completely insane under the new world of CU.
This was the case when Barack Obama took office, and it will continue to remain until politicians reinstate a balance of supply and demand that works for everyone. We can toss some more cash on the dwindling fires of greed, for a short burst of economic life, but it will just burn for a while. And not correct the underlying fucked up mentality and corrupted matrix of our econ engine.

When the people are standing in line for a bus ride to standing in line at the soup line, then maybe, big maybe, something might change. Or if the country becomes infected with some kind of alien life form, a virus of unknown origins that makes us smarterer.
The people have to realize what is wrong, and who is willing to fix it for the greater good,and give them the power to make the needed changes within the confines of our separations of power. Too many can’t see past their bigoted nose to accomplish that, others are just plain fucking stooped. But there is always hope, until there isn’t any, and we are way on down the primrose path to ruin.

People forget. When Obama arrived, we were on the doorstep of dystopian bliss that was three decades in the making. We didn’t go inside, but we have one foot in, and the other slipping.

I have a good idea in the meantime. Why don’t we bash Barack Obama to a political pulp, so maybe he will toughen up and use his omnipotence to save us from ourselves. Or, we can try to win the next election. And build the kind of support needed to make that happen. And take it from there.
I’m walking the dog. I have no illusions. Just a blue sky.

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This Is How It's Done

Just wanted to link to a couple of blog post gems at a little blog called The People's View. This blog is one of several up and coming unapologetic Obama supporting blogs. Pretty much the way this blog and it's bloggers are. All two of us. Though Annie has been away for some time, she is right now in the process of moving to Khazakstan, like on the other side of the planet. But emailed me before she left stating she plans to start posting again when she settles in.

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