Saturday, April 30, 2011

Every politician in our society is “corporate” to one degree or another, even Bernie Sanders. We live in a hyper capitalist society pretty much top to bottom. It is a question of how we treat those among us with the least, and those who can’t otherwise help themselves. A liberal is simply someone who values this as a worthy and righteous goal of government to do these things folks can’t do for themselves, and to try and defuse the natural tendency of wealth to beget more wealth at he hands of the wealthy. And to use that financial wealth to wield political power for that singular purpose . But being a corporatist in a capitalist society is no sin in and of itself, as most of our jobs and means to create lives is corporate based.

Dems have let us down only to the extent the voting public has made their choices to side up with right wing greed delivered from the greedy politicians they put into power. And most of that has come from addiction to unlimited credit, at the expense of real capital based economy.

Citizens United guarantees this will become much worse, before it has any chance of getting better. imo