Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dumber Than Spit

Catch Sarah signing a US Flag, desecration NO NO. And are these motherfuckers dumb, or what? Jeebus.

The Right Hand Threatens the Left One

More tea party patriot fun. While the big whig wingers plot to steal elections with unlimited secret cash, the white trash wing keeps up their end with racist threats to those registering minorities to vote.

A group trying to register voters in Houston received threats and emails containing racist slurs after being targeted by a local tea party group accusing it of "voter fraud."

In emails obtained by TPM, the group Houston Votes was accused of being "a bunch of white guilt ridden assholes, NIGGERS and greasy mexican spics," "fraudulent Marxist pigs," and "American hating A-holes."

Nope, those white real Americans ain't racist, dontcha know.

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And So It Begins

via- NYT'S

As the consequences of the SCOTUS Citizens United begin to form into into organized cadres of rich interests to buy our elections and power, this years meager increases into Dark Money politicking will seem like child's play. The plutocrat's will begin having secret meetings in none other than playground of the rich and powerful Palm Springs, CA, to divvy up the cash for all sorts of seedy, and completely secretive operations to defeat democrats beginning in the presidential race of 2012.

A secretive network of Republican donors is heading to the Palm Springs area for a long weekend in January, but it will not be to relax after a hard-fought election — it will be to plan for the next one.

Not surprising that The Koch industries will be leading the pack for undermining 70 years of progressive initiatives from environmental protections to the social safety net. It is what the SCOTUS wingnuts planned when they equated money with speech, to outflank liberals and dems projected demographics gains into the future, fairly near future. It will be The Robber Barons part Deuxe and the bullshit will flow like manna from hell.

Koch Industries, the longtime underwriter of libertarian causes from the Cato Institute in Washington to the ballot initiative that would suspend California’s landmark law capping greenhouse gases, is planning a confidential meeting at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa to, as an invitation says, “develop strategies to counter the most severe threats facing our free society and outline a vision of how we can foster a renewal of American free enterprise and prosperity.”

Awwe yes, that American standard of "American Free Enterprise and Prosperity". Sounds pretty, doesn't it. But between the lines are more BP oil spills, dirtier air and drinking water, and global warming on steroids. And that is just arena. If you thought politicians were bought and paid for now, it will get much much worse, the pandering to corps for campaign cash, and the ever elusive quid pro quo will overtake any and all efforts to contain it. The goal posts will be moved to another planet, as campaign cash, and it's strings attached, will jigger around every politician who seeks reelection like so many plutocrat puppets. It is going to get very ugly, and along with our enormous problems already caused largely from corporate money in politics will run the profit train right over this country and especially the middle class. Which after all is the only stalwart against full frontal oligarchy. Goodbye American, nice to have known you.

The Kochs also seek to cultivate Americans’ growing concern about the growth of government: at the most recent meeting, in Aspen, Colo., in June, some of the wealthiest people in America listened to a presentation on “a vision of how we can retain the moral high ground and make the new case for liberty and smaller government that appeals to all Americans, rich and poor.”

The Barnum and Bailey approach for suckers born every minute. With the boilerplate "appeals to ALL Americans, rich and poor. A plan that has worked out so well, the country is broke, and those lucky enough to have a job, and stuck with stagnated wages while big corps have seen record profits for the past two or more decades.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yeh, Annie's Kitty Is Going To Be Okay

From her comment on Balloon Juice

My cat came back from the doctors, and it is her thyroid. I feel like shit because we did not recognize the signs earlier. It seems that as cats approach 12 years it is not uncommon to develop thyroid problems. If caught early, the condition is curable.

Good news indeed!!!

Great News From the Institute For A Meaningful Apocalypse!!

America's favorite wingnut shows us all how we can make a buck on the coming Obama Holocaust, first horde all your Gold, and, by golly, eat pretty good also too.

If you ever find yourself in a post-nuclear holocaust environment and come across people eating beef stroganoff, odds are they'll be Glenn Beck fans.

You may have heard about Beck's relationship with Goldline International, which urges people to buy gold and stay safe from the supposed inevitable devaluing of the dollar. Now meet Food Insurance, which sells survival kits of freeze-dried food and other items to help people live from two weeks to 12 months, depending on the plan purchased (and post-apocalyptic conditions). Beck has promoted the company's products, is featured prominently on the company's website, and a banner ad for the company, bearing Beck's image, was spotted on his website Monday.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Country On the Brink

Here we are, only 2 weeks out from another mid term election, and no one really knows how it will turn out. The CW from polling points to a republican landslide. But how can that be? Only two years ago the country resoundingly showed the door to the GOP, that left the country bankrupt, mired in two unpopular wars, one conducted for no rational reason, and now voters say they plan to hand back congress to the wingnuts. It is a disconnect that has pretty much sent me into the don't give a shit mode, that I truly hope will make me look silly on election day, when democrats retain the majorities in congress. I don't pretend to know what is going on in this country right now, as we have witnessed one of the most productive legislative sessions in the nations history, passing universal health care reform, we are down to 50 thousand troops in Iraq, and headed for the door there. There is the unpopular now war in Afghanistan, and a temporary escalation, but with an expiration date of next summer where we will begin to leave there.

I know the old adage "It's the economy stupid", and that has certainly been a mixed bag for Obama and dems. Staving off a depression collapse we were teetering on just two years ago. Though we are not experiencing a quick bounce back from that severe downturn, we are also not standing in soup lines. I don't know what to think of the American voter, and it's attention span of a grasshopper, and seemingly bottomless pit of willingness to believe the most vapid lies of the Republicans, who have nearly completely abandoned any effort to participate in governing the past 2 years. And have not proposed any new ideas past the ones that led to the current mess we are in. Offering nothing much but conspiracy theories about our first black president, often crossing the line into rank racism.

It is a sad state of affairs for sure, and the activist left seems to be the right wings best ally, validating some of the worst bad faith critiques from the right, and even offering some of their own. Our politics right now just makes me ill, and blogging about them a painful chore that is more like howling at the moon for some sanity and perspective. I have resigned myself to voting and other than that just watching what happens in this apparent crumbling democracy. Seems too late to save to me. Hope I am wrong about that.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

America's True History of Religious Tolerance

America's True History of Religious Tolerance

Good article. Great for a lazy Sunday afternoon and as a reminder that despite their attempts to supress sound scholarship and replace it with their version of religious truth and conservative worldviews, good stuff is still out there.

Friday, October 15, 2010

John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith

You Want to See Something Really Scary?

I don't know a lot about the internal workings of the religious right culture, and I do believe it is a separate culture with it's own constitution of sorts being the bibles, or it's interpretation by various nuts. I have been keeping tabs when I can on the Dominionist Movement as it attempts to weedle into what we would consider the status quo of the religious right. And from everything I've learned about them, makes the current godbotherers look like second tate dweebs in the radical religious department. Even folks like the late Jerry Falwell and the remnants of his Moral Majority that lingers on, cannot match their crazy ideology.

These people are truly scary, much more than any Sharia Law taking over being the current right wing hysteria. They are true believers in every sense of that term, and violence is part and parcel to their belief system. And come as close to any, a messianic fervor that is uncompromising and total in it's fundamental view of Christianity and The Bible.

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C. Peter Wagner is widely regarded as the man responsible for the New Apostolic Reformation which gave rise to the self-proclaimed prophets and apostles like Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Jim Garlow, Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner, Chuck Pierce, and the other Dominionist/7 Mountain advocates who are slowly working their way into the Religious Right mainstream.

For months, I have been trying to hammer home the point that when these activists refer to themselves as "prophets" and "apostles" on par with Jesus, they mean that literally.

And just to drive home that point, here is audio of Wagner speaking during the Generals International webcast earlier this month as he explains how, through the Holy Spirit, people like himself can perform miracles that outshine even Jesus Christ himself:

They are actually, not only a fanatical believers in God, but take that further of actually being God, or His Apostles of sorts. It is vaguely similar to the Tea Party whackadoos taking over the GOP, and seems to also be southern based. A truly theocratic mindset, possibly being in control of something like 80 millions Evangelicals in this country, who are currently floundering around looking for leadership, with an already proven record of following that suitable leader without much question. It is a distillation of sorts, to the essence of fundamental religious belief, that already ranks The US Constitution running second to The Bible. I don't think it is a far reach to see them merge or meld with the tea party faithful, and become a powerful and frightening political force in this country.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This was a joke, right?

From the Washington Post, an editorial by Tony Perkin, conservative Christian head of the Family Research Council entitled "Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality."

Writes the wise Mr. Perkins:

"Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves--not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying. I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the "bullies" did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives. Religious faith and a return to traditional family values are more likely to be a solution to the problem of bullying than a cause."

Where to begin? First, Tony, you cite no evidence to your claim that bullies do not attend church and do not come from traditional families, with moms and dads. Second, where do children usually get messages about hate and bigotry? Often from listening to their moms and dads rail about "the gays," "the blacks" "the Jews" "the Muslims,"and any other group not to their liking. Just watch any tea party rally, most attended by moms and dads who represent "traditional family values," and especially observe how many bring their children. And, regarding churches, how many Sundays do Ministers preach against gays, single parents, feminists, progressives, and any other group they believe is stealing their converts. No messages of hate are ever preached in churches under the guise of Christian love. Right. I love how Tony sneaks a return to traditional family values in the message.

Then, dear Tony goes on to say:

"However, homosexual activist groups like GLSEN....are exploiting these tragedies to push their agenda of demanding not only tolerance of homosexual individuals, but active affirmation of homosexual conduct and their efforts to redefine the family."

Tony, Tony, Tony. It warms my heart to know that conservative Christian groups NEVER try to exploit tragedies to push their agenda....The fact is that conservative Christian groups will use any circumstance to exploit their agenda...Does anyone remember the non-controversy of store employees wishing people Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Conservative Christian groups excel at exploiting most circumstances to push their agenda. Conservative Christians as the ultimate "victim" has too commonly become part of the American narrative.

As for GLSEN efforts to redefine the family -- guess what Tony, the family already has been redefined. It started when interracial couples married, against the preaching of many conservative Christian churches, who used the Bible to promote the separation of races. It continues with same-sex families, where parents want to raise their children free from hatred and bigotry. It continues in single parent homes, where mothers and fathers also want to raise their children in loving and tolerant environments.

To assume that "bullies" only are the product of life outside "traditional families" and "traditional family values," to me is one of the worst forms of hatred and bigotry. To assume that children from "non-traditonal" homes cannot learn moral and ethical practices denies how often traditional families have produced children who are violent and intolerant.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Morons, morons, morons. The Virginia tea party just held its "convention" this past weekend. They really don't know what they are for and what they are against. Having Ginie Thomas a featured speaker -- a woman who will receive government provided health care for life, while her affirmative action husband has his government provided job for life -- railing against big government, entitlements, and the Kenyan President's socialist agenda. And, then giving sweet Ginie money to support her "liberty" foundation, which means she can enjoy a perfectly worry free life, while these morons help pay for it....
And, then cheering for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an advocate of using the power of government and tax payer funds to attack scholars, whose scholarship he opposes. Mr. Cuccinelli believes it is okay to use the power of his office to pursue a personal agenda. Way to go small government. Yes, let's have the government approve all scholarship, and we can then sit back and watch China, India, and other countries move forward with green technology, while we go back to horse drawn wagons, and horse drawn carriages for the rich. Yes, let's use the power of the government to put "creation science" in all science classes, while tossing evolution to the wind. That should surely produce an informed next generation of scientists and doctors ready to prescribe prayer in place of medical science. At that point, we won't have to worry about health care or health insurance, because those with resources will go abroad for sound medical services, and those without resources will just die.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hold On Just One Minute

Democrats Close the Gap

A new Rasmussen survey shows Republicans leading Democrats in the generic congressional ballot by just three points, 45% to 42% -- the smallest gap between parties in roughly a year.

It is a testament to our volatile politics these days, we have Rasmussen, a notorious GOP leaning polster showing democrats doing better, and Gallup still has some likely voter scenarios showing them doing badly.

Rasmussen, in my experience, is a very good polster in the last month or so before an election, when their reputation is on the line for being close to the final outcome. Not so much other times, when they give republicans better and dubious numbers.

So I will take this as a good sign that democrats are deciding in larger numbers to go vote. Probably for several reasons, but I suspect, from all the press and polling claiming the repubs will win back congress. They will still lose seat, no matter, but maybe not a wipeout shifting control of congress, or one chamber to the wingnuts.

Christine Odonnell's "I"m not a witch ad"

I am starting to like this woman. Not for the US Senate, but for the comic self parody for someone so young.

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio Duck

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