Monday, October 4, 2010

Hold On Just One Minute

Democrats Close the Gap

A new Rasmussen survey shows Republicans leading Democrats in the generic congressional ballot by just three points, 45% to 42% -- the smallest gap between parties in roughly a year.

It is a testament to our volatile politics these days, we have Rasmussen, a notorious GOP leaning polster showing democrats doing better, and Gallup still has some likely voter scenarios showing them doing badly.

Rasmussen, in my experience, is a very good polster in the last month or so before an election, when their reputation is on the line for being close to the final outcome. Not so much other times, when they give republicans better and dubious numbers.

So I will take this as a good sign that democrats are deciding in larger numbers to go vote. Probably for several reasons, but I suspect, from all the press and polling claiming the repubs will win back congress. They will still lose seat, no matter, but maybe not a wipeout shifting control of congress, or one chamber to the wingnuts.

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