Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Leap From the Overton Window

The Republican National Committee launched a new website on Wednesday that accuses the president of trying to shred the founding purposes of the Constitution in profound and inflammatory ways, chief among them: nominating sex-offender defenders to high courts.

just speechless. Next thing they will accuse Obama of being a socialist, or maybe not even an American. George Bush gets to torture people and that's called patriotism. Obama, well what has Obama done to shred the constitution. Oh yea, pass universal health care for the country.

The State of Baby Jeevus

Virginia is in a mad dash to outwingnut Arizona, or so it seems.

After months of lobbying by conservative activists, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has quietly reversed a policy banning Virginia State Police troopers from referring to Jesus Christ in public prayers.

I am not sure what constitutes public prayers for State Police Chaplains, but I am confident it means people having to listen to something they object to.

A Tea Baggers Lament

Take note liberals. This is what happens when you force ideological purity on your party and it"s candidates. Independent runs like Charlie Crist are going to make what was a sure GOP senate seat up for grabs by the democratic candidate or now a former republican one. That might well if he wins, decide to caucus with the democrats in the US Senate. Everything in politics is an action/reaction affair, and what seems the purest course to take often comes back to bite you in the ass.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist "is telling key financial backers that he's running for Senate with no party affiliation," the St. Petersburg Times reports.

The announcement is scheduled for 5 p.m. tomorrow in St. Petersburg.

I'd Vote For Her

Looks like Sarah Palin's beauty better is taking the road to politics. She is gorgeous and a Democrat to boot.

The woman who beat Sarah Palin for the beauty queen title of Miss Alaska in 1984 is aiming for the Legislature. Singer and actress Maryline Blackburn of Smyrna, now a 24-year resident of the state, will announce Thursday that she’ll mount a Democratic challenge to Republican incumbent Rich Golick for his House seat.

Blackburn was Alaska’s first African-American representative to the Miss America beauty pageant. Palin, the future GOP vice presidential nominee, was a flute player from Wasilla. She was named Miss Congeniality.

Sarah Palin Miss Congeniality. Wonders never cease.

Wingnuts Follow One Leader At A Time

via Political Wire

And interesting study from Harvard University showing left leaning blogs tend to have multiple front page authors, while right leaning blogs tend to only have a single author. This does not surprise me, as this seems only an extension of top down leadership needs of the conservative psyche. We saw it with lockstep following of George Bush for 8 years as well as GOP controlled congress during those years with folks like Tom "the hammer" Delay calling the shots and republicans always falling in line, even when what they were voting on did not seem all that conservative, such as the Medicare Drug Bill. You can also see it with their impressive message discipline with the media and elsewhere. The problem is however, when the leader they are following leads them down the Primrose Path like Bush and Delay. Democrats value multiple voices and individual opinion, that is a blessing in my opinion, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But it does have drawbacks in rallying public opinion on specific issues up for legislation whereby the multiple opinions tend to confuse the audience, or voters.

A Harvard study of political blogs finds that left-leaning sites "adopt more participatory technical platforms" and "more often use blogs as platforms for mobilization."
Meanwhile, right-leaning blogs are more frequently authored by just one person instead of multiple authors.