Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts On Libya, the U.S. and Military Intervention

It is true that we don't understand many areas of the world, that is why we support a United Nations Charter that was created in part to filter out the bullshit, hopefully, to answer those questions, and if need be, act as a unit to prevent imminent humanitarian disasters, when all the stars line up, and most  the parties agree with the Casus Belli and if it is logistically possible.

For one of the few times in recent, or even distant memory, it looks like UN lived up to it's full purpose, and we took part to a large degree as just one more country contributing to that mission.

I do get the aversion to warfare, what I don't get is the lack of perspective employed by many liberals, to a particular and unique situation, such as Libya. It feels like a time trap for some, always boomeranging back to 2003, Bush, and Iraq. 

Short of doing nothing, Libya was the anti Iraq. As I see it.

As far as the money goes, it was and is a pittance that we have spent, as compared to about any military action I can think of. We can afford it, in lieu of watching a massacre in Benghazi on CNN, that didn't have to be.

As for the future, it is never set, for anything or anybody. Sometimes, You just do what needs doing today and let the future be where it is.