Monday, August 23, 2010

My head is spinning

Listening to religious wingut radio makes my head spin. Apparently, religious liberty only extends to Christians. While Jews are not mentioned (that would be political suicide), today's menu consisted of an interpretation of Islam. While the broadcasters were careful to couch their musings in the Constitution -- freedom of religion -- there was some discussion over whether Islam qualifies as a religion. Good punt! We can crucify (pun intended) Islam by deciding that Islam is not a religion. Therefore, we can prove how American we are, how we bless the Constitution, and still ensure that America remains a Christian nation.

Back to the Jews. As the wingnuts were going on and on about how only through Jesus will we reach salvation, and Islam clearly doesn't fall in line, there was no mention that Jews are more aligned with Islam than Christianity. We, too, don't acknowledge Jesus. Go figure. Yet, somehow being American, and believing in religious freedom, means being Christian because our Constitution affords Christianity a prominant place in our distribution of rights because the Constitution promotes freedom of religious, which if you are a true American that would mean a belief in Christianity.

I have a headache. Not even copious amounts of wine can get passed all of this rhetoric. No one mentioned that the Saudis own 7% of Fox News. BUT, there was a lot of talk about how we should investigate the Saudi funding of the projected community center in NY.

I did understand that free markets extend to Christian businesses and community centers, but apparently the free market does not extend to Muslims interests. Except Fox News.

So to sum up, freedom of religion is a valued American ideal, as long as the religion is Christianity. Not Islam, and never, ever mention the Jews. Free markets extend to Christian enterprises, and not to Muslims, and never, ever mention the Jews.

So now I know what it takes to be pro-American in these times.