Monday, May 24, 2010

Library Blogging

Still broadcasting from the public library and enjoying a break from the internet addiction. I do miss it at times, but have also managed to get a lot of stuff done with the extra free time. One thing is finally unpacking all the junk I hauled to the place I live from years ago. Bags and bags of junk tossed from being a pack rat.

I do not miss Balloon Juice and blogs in general. Not a bit. And realize the overall uselessness of them and addiction to reading the mindless nonsense and unrequired vitriol and getting pulled into all that. I once had hi hopes for the nutroots to be a constructive force in democratic politics, but no longer. They are populated by and large by people who I don't really think are that interested in progressive change in this country, but more the sport of conflict for conflict sake. And a general turning off of the mind about everything that doesn't directly relate to their team winning. This is both left and right. The right are mean and crazy, but they mostly don't whine and fight like banshees for the stupid and dangerous shit they believe in. The left whines around the clock that people are mean to them and dem leaders are wimps, when they themselves are more often than not afraid of their own shadows. I agree more with their general worldview, but I respect the right wing more, even with their violent memes. The left wing blogosphere is not only largely useless, but when wanking lyers like Glenn Greenwald gets on teevee and weaves false memes of Obama worse than Bush, and bloggers like John Cole, among others buys it, then they are part of the problem. Not to say Obama or dems don't deserve criticism and at times ridicule, like now with the obama administration dragging it's feet in bringing the full array of feferal resources to battle the environmental devestation of the Gulf Oil leak.

But things like the Al-Awiki Al Quaeda terrorist hiding in Yemen and leftists defending his right to be left alone because he is an American citizen, then that is stupid BDS bullshit. As demonstrated by this guys recent video promising to kill as many American civilians as possible and his victims are nothing more than drops of water in the ocean. No one gets to do that free gratis, citizen or not.

Luckily for dems, as can be viewed by clicking the above lind to Gallup's presidential polling, you can see that Obama has consistently garnered support from rank and file dems in the range of the high 80 to low 90 percentile. And his highest marks come from self described "liberal democrats". Gotta go. Later Alligators.

And I won't be returning to BJ as a regular commenter. Only as an Obot troll to correct bullshit from Mr. Glenbot Cole. And never will another pic of Charlie be posted on that website.