Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts On Class Warfare

It is more than just a class war, it is also regional and deeply
philosophical pertaining to basic world views that has it’s roots in
white supremacy. This is why the concepts of class struggles and
fighting for financial class self interest is trumped by deeply formed
and held beliefs of race entitlement and rejection of equal protection
under the law, along a whole host of other problems the south and others
hold for the basic tenets written into our founding document.

We fought a civil war over race and slavery, but the civil war goes
on still in spirit with race, the place of religion in our governance,
and a laundry list of other grievances held for generations. The high
functioning class war doesn’t rate at the top of that pile of dubious
intent currently, but as bank accounts dwindle and the shit sandwiches
get bigger from the plutocrats to their nativistic foot soldiers, it
will rise up toward the top of the white man’s to do list, and they turn
their rage back on the money grubbers. it is hard to hold onto notions
of birthright, when the stomach is empty.

The ruling rich class has mostly kept their greed in check to not go
past such a fail safe point with the middle class, at least since TGD,
that is only a creation of numbers, and is by itself colorblind. It
seems by the day, that whatever such inhibitions the plutocrats have had
on the matter, are being discarded in favor of all out class warfare,
that will show not much mercy to white conservatives, any more than
anyone else.