Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smrda my kitty, part 2

Well for a week or so, Smrda was doing better. I managed to put the thyroid medicine in ear -- relatively easy, and she was eating again. However, last Sunday she stopped eating. Wednesday I took her back to the vet. We decided to take her off the medicine, and they gave her an appetite stimulant to get her to eat. Wednesday night she happily ate, still only out of my hand.
Well, today she stopped eating again. I tried giving the apetite stimulant in her food, but since she's not eating that tactic didn't work. Then I decided to try and squirt some in her mouth. Always difficult with her when there is only one person, but she is not an easy cat.
Anyway, while chasing her through the house, I managed to spill the remaining stimulant on the kitchen floor and to squirt myself instead of her.
So I figure in about 20 minutes I will be eating several pizzas, a steak, two hamburgers and probably a cake. The good news is that at least one of us will be eating!