Friday, July 2, 2010

The Year of Living Dangerously

No, not the run up to Christmas, the run up to election day in November. Of course, there will be some overlap. But normal politics, if that reality even exists these days, is out on Holiday. Everything that happens, or near everything, will be choreographed to attract voters for one side or the other. Complete with a steady drum beat of I'm okay, but the other guy is a child molester. Our politics are ugly these days year round, but now that the Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of The Campaign Finance law, the mean and crazy will be cranked up to rock and roll. On legislative matters, the only thing still alive is Finance Reform, and only because it is such an important issue with voters following the economic meltdown of recent. In fact, it may be the best time to get any kind of bill out for this issue that isn't a complete joke, rather than half a joke. The influence of money has grown so powerful in our politics, it is a wonder Citigroup isn't made President For Life. And they may well reach that status with the SCOTUS opening the gates for unlimited corporate cash to be spent for outside groups campaigning for this candidate, or that one. Sad straights we are currently in, in this country, with no end in sight.

And then there is the tea bag factor, of a certain type of conservative with strong nihilistic overtones concerning anything government, and the GOP has thrown in with them, and getting increasingly militant and racist. Witness the Kagan SC hearing, and the bashing of Thurgood Marshall, a late former justice, and first black one, that has historically been revered as one of best in our history. Doesn't matter to the wingnuts, the tea bag white supremacists and xenophobes  are in scorched earth mode for the coming election, and it is going to get uglier as that day draws nearer. In their tiny minds, capturing the House and subpoena power is the ticket to salvation as a party. Start investigating everything that moves in the Obama administration, and feed ever increasing portions of red meat to the writhing wraiths of the true wingnut believers. It is all they have, other than trying their best to collapse the country into anarchy, and take control by the bullet and make the country into the militaristic theocorporatacy the believe it was meant to be. Gather your armies bullshit, to stop them (peeps of color) furriners, unbelievers from crossing our borders and cutting off the heads of good Christian white folk/

And then there are the puma/firebaggers who lately haven't seen a wingnut meme they couldn't adopt.

And sorry to those who have bookmarked this blog and found it empty of posts the past few days. Annie has been keeping up her end. Me not so much.