Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Huckabee Brings the Gay Bashing

One woman issue

I know I post about the religious right -- I have to get my frustrations out after listening to religious radio. Why do I do it? Because so much of what is said on religious radio ends up as part of the Republican/conservative narrative. They feed off of each other. I can't believe the
number of times I have read something said on Fox, and it ends up as part of the religious right narrative. And, how often there is a rant on religious radio, and it becomes part of the daily rant of idiots on Fox. Except of course the fact that the parent company of Fox is 7% owned by the Saudis.

If Republicans/conservatives were not married to the religious right, and if some much of what is said by them wasn't filtered through the supposed tenets of Christianity, the utter corruption of the Republicans in Congress would be visible.

And, we would be having a completely different debate nationally. The birthers, the tea partiers, religion, the community center in NY, etc., are all filtered through the lens of the religious right, lapped up by Republicans.

They will gain seats in November, not because Republicans can govern, or even have the interests of the country at heart, but because the religious right wants to regain power -- the type of power and accessibility to government they had under Bush. They want what they believe is their God-given and Constitutional right to control the social agenda of Americans, even as they chant limited government, individual responsibility, etc. The religious right only wants limited government as it relates to free markets and deregulation. They want government intervention as it relates to some of the most intimate decisions individuals and families make.