Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Huckabee Brings the Gay Bashing

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  1. Thanks Mike. Read the Constitution that tea partiers love to carry, but don't read. Calling out to Jesus to retake American is antithetical to the Constitution. Instead of couching your rhetoric in pro-American terms, just come out and say that you want a theocracy. That you want the government to rule by Christian precepts. Remember, if that actually happens, conservative icons, like Rush and Beck and Newt, are out. As is Bush, who loved torture and illegal detention.

    Also, come out and tell millions of Christian women that birth control will no longer be available. And, that according to your Bible, women cannot hold positions over men. Etc., Etc.,

    Mike, along with hundreds of professed Christians, pick and choose portions of the Bible that support their political positions. This has nothing to do with faith, and everything to do with power.

    And, all too many Americans, fall in line. Forgetting that the beauty of the Constitution is that it is a SECULAR document, one that never mentions Christ.