Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Dunce Ticket For 2012 POTUS?

Jim Demint ponders a presidential run for 2012.

via Political Wire

Said DeMint: "Frankly, the people that I've seen here in politics I realize that I can hold my ground with any of them. There are a lot of changes I'd like to make in this country and I think Americans are going to be ready for someone to tell them the truth next election."

America elected George W. Bush twice, so any idiot has a chance, I suppose.

Peter Wolf (with Shelby Lynn) - Tragedy (live)

10,000 Maniacs - Hey Jack Karouac / Eat for Two

Who Are the Real Bastards ?

Sometimes the ravings of the right wing just leave one speechless. It is a cruel irony when a wingnut group calling itself The American Family Association declares kids born out of wedlock in this country are no longer worthy of social support and should be simply left to fend for themselves. Compassionate Conservatism it ain't.

via Right Wing Watch

The rate at which bastard children were born in 1963, when Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty, was seven percent. Meanwhile, we continue to maintain actual marriage penalties in our tax code, including the newly hatched monstrosity of health care reform. So we subsidize illegitimacy and penalize marriage, and we wonder why things get worse rather than better. And President Obama intends to zero out the one budget item devoted to strengthening marriage in low-income communities.

The place to begin? By reforming state and federal budgets so that we no longer subsidize immorality. It's time to communicate in policy and not just in words that in America, we expect you to save sex for marriage, to have children only within the marriage relationship, and that we will no longer force American taxpayers to fund the expenses of children they did not conceive and with whom they have no relationship and for whom they have no responsibility.

If you conceive children out of wedlock, we will expect you and your families to find a way to take care of the expenses involved in raising that child. In America, that child is your responsibility and no one else's. You may look for help to charities funded by private, voluntary, compassion-driven donations, but you may not look to government to force other Americans at gunpoint to take money out of their wallets and fork it over to you. We are no longer going to treat you as helpless little children; we are going to treat you as the responsible adults you can become. It's time to grow up.

Assholes. We will take out our anger at irresponsible adults on their "bastard children". That'll show em we mean business. Who are the real bastards in this country? Look no further than the nearest wingnut.

The War Between the States Is On

California set to put the brakes on Creationist crazy ass Texas textbooks.

From Texas Freedom Network Insider

The national backlash against the Texas State Board of Education’s politicization of history and social studies curriculum standards is gathering steam. Yesterday a California Senate committee approved a bill requiring that education officials report to legislators and the state’s education secretary any changes influenced by the Texas standards when they review textbook content.
California Sen. Leland Yee,  a Democrat who represents part of the San Francisco Bay Area, drafted the bill. In a press release from his office yesterday, Yee said:
“While some Texas politicians may want to set their educational standards back 50 years, California should not be subject to their backward curriculum changes. The alterations and fallacies made by these extremist conservatives are offensive to our communities and inaccurate of our nation’s diverse history. Today, California spoke with a bipartisan voice that our kids should be provided an education based on facts and that embraces our multicultural nation.”
Californians and other non-Texans are increasingly worried that textbooks written for the Texas market will make it into their states’ classrooms. That’s because publishers often write their textbooks to meet curriculum standards in Texas — which has a huge textbook market and a centralized adoption process — and then sell those textbooks to schools across the country.
At what point will Texas lawmakers finally realize that the State Board of Education is undermining the state’s reputation — politically, educationally and in the business world — across the country?