Sunday, October 10, 2010


Morons, morons, morons. The Virginia tea party just held its "convention" this past weekend. They really don't know what they are for and what they are against. Having Ginie Thomas a featured speaker -- a woman who will receive government provided health care for life, while her affirmative action husband has his government provided job for life -- railing against big government, entitlements, and the Kenyan President's socialist agenda. And, then giving sweet Ginie money to support her "liberty" foundation, which means she can enjoy a perfectly worry free life, while these morons help pay for it....
And, then cheering for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an advocate of using the power of government and tax payer funds to attack scholars, whose scholarship he opposes. Mr. Cuccinelli believes it is okay to use the power of his office to pursue a personal agenda. Way to go small government. Yes, let's have the government approve all scholarship, and we can then sit back and watch China, India, and other countries move forward with green technology, while we go back to horse drawn wagons, and horse drawn carriages for the rich. Yes, let's use the power of the government to put "creation science" in all science classes, while tossing evolution to the wind. That should surely produce an informed next generation of scientists and doctors ready to prescribe prayer in place of medical science. At that point, we won't have to worry about health care or health insurance, because those with resources will go abroad for sound medical services, and those without resources will just die.


  1. Morons, morons, morons

    I think that about says it all Annie.

  2. Should we laugh, or should we cry.....