Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This was a joke, right?

From the Washington Post, an editorial by Tony Perkin, conservative Christian head of the Family Research Council entitled "Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality."

Writes the wise Mr. Perkins:

"Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves--not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying. I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the "bullies" did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives. Religious faith and a return to traditional family values are more likely to be a solution to the problem of bullying than a cause."

Where to begin? First, Tony, you cite no evidence to your claim that bullies do not attend church and do not come from traditional families, with moms and dads. Second, where do children usually get messages about hate and bigotry? Often from listening to their moms and dads rail about "the gays," "the blacks" "the Jews" "the Muslims,"and any other group not to their liking. Just watch any tea party rally, most attended by moms and dads who represent "traditional family values," and especially observe how many bring their children. And, regarding churches, how many Sundays do Ministers preach against gays, single parents, feminists, progressives, and any other group they believe is stealing their converts. No messages of hate are ever preached in churches under the guise of Christian love. Right. I love how Tony sneaks a return to traditional family values in the message.

Then, dear Tony goes on to say:

"However, homosexual activist groups like GLSEN....are exploiting these tragedies to push their agenda of demanding not only tolerance of homosexual individuals, but active affirmation of homosexual conduct and their efforts to redefine the family."

Tony, Tony, Tony. It warms my heart to know that conservative Christian groups NEVER try to exploit tragedies to push their agenda....The fact is that conservative Christian groups will use any circumstance to exploit their agenda...Does anyone remember the non-controversy of store employees wishing people Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Conservative Christian groups excel at exploiting most circumstances to push their agenda. Conservative Christians as the ultimate "victim" has too commonly become part of the American narrative.

As for GLSEN efforts to redefine the family -- guess what Tony, the family already has been redefined. It started when interracial couples married, against the preaching of many conservative Christian churches, who used the Bible to promote the separation of races. It continues with same-sex families, where parents want to raise their children free from hatred and bigotry. It continues in single parent homes, where mothers and fathers also want to raise their children in loving and tolerant environments.

To assume that "bullies" only are the product of life outside "traditional families" and "traditional family values," to me is one of the worst forms of hatred and bigotry. To assume that children from "non-traditonal" homes cannot learn moral and ethical practices denies how often traditional families have produced children who are violent and intolerant.

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