Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shrinking the GOP Mind

The primitive brane lives in all of us, for sure. And to different degrees, these lower mind functions are filtered through the conscience mind to recognize, reason, and filter that kind of primal thinking. For whatever reason, hereditary, childhood experience, simple environment, the people I call wingnuts, seem to be lacking the elements to process a higher consciousness, to manage these primal impulses. And they are run by compulsive reaction that forms their world view.

It is fear to blame, imo, mostly, of one sort or another, right on up to the existential kind, that rules their behavior and ultimately their political formulations. The filter is either very weak or non existent to separate out what is important and what is not in conducting their lives.

There are those wingnuts who are just sociopaths and hucksters taking advantage of the frantic world of right wingers. But most are simply drenched in a kind of all consuming terror, and the way it manifests itself, especially when under duress, is a manic rush to control their external environment to the nth degree.
And in these times, rattling around in their wingnut belfries, is the biggest fear of all. And that is becoming a white minority in their own country. So we see what we see. Folks out of control and lurching for one life preserver or another to cause others to behave the way they want them too. With the fantasy that if they can just do that, the fear will leave them

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