Friday, August 28, 2009

What Was Old Is New Again

When you think about it, what route to electoral success does the RW have left. Their economic theories have run the country into a fiscal ditch/ And as older whites die off, the old wedge social issues of gay marriage etc,,,,, are dieing off with them as younger voters take their place with more acceptance,

They have completely screwed themselves with HIspanic’s ,with all the Xenophobic wingnuttery, and blacks have long since slammed the door in their faces, despite the RW intelligentia efforts to make the GOP a more welcoming place for them, only to be undercut by the anti-affirmative action crowd hollering about white mans angst.

Might as well go all in for white power to save their raggitty asses from a permanent minority. I look for more and more desperate devolution to past racial and ethnic roots, and maybe even sectarian anxieties of the white populace. Especially in the south, in an attempt at electoral evening out since white anglo saxons are still the majority in this country.

They will succeed only in paring down the remaining faithful to an even more distilled wingnut, but they will be loud and increasingly more seditious. There is really no other course other than to split the GOP into two separate parties which would further isolate them in a static minority, at least in the short term. They cannot ever coerce the screaming teabaggers into moderation because they currently have the numbers to beat back any effort to do so.

Rock and a hard place for the right, and a damaging course for the country as a whole to have one third of it’s citizens afflicted with the rage virus.

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