Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bi-Partisan Time is Up

I don’t really blame Obama for giving it a go at the bipartisan approach. This is the dudes style and who am I to pan it. But it is rapidly coming time to fish or cut bait.

And after Grassely’s nutty endorsement of Palin’s Death Panel shit, it is now time to cast aside any hope of getting a few GOP votes in the Senate. Obama knows and every dem on Capital Hill knows, that the wingnuts were never going to let government touch their precious cash cow we call our Health Care System, at any degree more than it does now with medicare, which they hate with a white hot passion.

Political Kabucki has it’s place, but is not the game. And as surely as repubs won’t vote for govment involvement, there are a plethora of progressive dems in the House who won’t vote for a meaningless bill, with no PO. This die was cast before the curtain even opened. We have heard a lot about the Blue Dogs, but they are only about 50 in number. There are a whole lot more liberal House members.

Obama’s error and dems in the Senate was letting the Senate Finance committee drag out their non-sense and become THE focus of attention. I suspect the corrupt Baucus and his winger pals were more than delighted they could.

But this isn’t an election year, thank Gawd. And when congress returns and hands are forced, we will have something solid to debate and the largely pre ordained drama will play itself out, and it will come down to Senate dems having the gumption to go it alone and do the right thing, or not.

I really don’t think we are going to get a bill without a strong PO. The House liberals, even though they are presently quiet, won’t have it. So it will be either a good bill, or none at all. Opinions are like A-holes, everbody got one. This is mine.

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