Sunday, February 13, 2011

Navel Gaze on Political Movements

It is why I distrust all political “movements” in this country. At some point, almost always, it becomes about the movers themselves, and not about a better country and world. And has a way of alienating dissent and moderation in service to pragmatic results of adjusted viewpoints.

When that happens, it always fails to produce a usable product for the people it was originally meant for, in this case, the average American.

And when there is failure of this movement, almost always, pathological self parody ensues and loads of butthurt resentment fill that void of governing failure of vaunted movement philosophy. We are seeing it in real time in the conservative world with tea baggers and increasing demands for purity of thought. opponent demonization and hyperfearmongering from the disappointed. The wingnut version of this is far more dangerous than the liberal version, imho. Though the liberal version is bad enough.

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