Monday, February 14, 2011

Poll on GOP Threat To Cut Off Funding For Health Care Reform Law

Typical intellectual lazy American voter, and imo, the prime root of most of our problems. Not only about issues, but about a healthy functioning democracy, that too many think is guaranteed to run smooth for eternity.

Nearly every results of polls is fully dependent on how the question is asked about issues. If the asker does not include potential consequences of a particular issue action, the default position is to reward GOP talking points, that voters also by default prefer. Mostly because wingnuts are white like them, and know the magic words to please these rubes.

In this particular poll on health care, even the dimmest voter can sense disaster of not funding the law, but really not to the fullest extent of that disaster, or the results would have been 100 percent opposed. But you can never expect the 28 percenters to answer in any other way than death to liberals, whatever the issue, and whatever the consequences of smiting the policies of their eternal enemy.

This is a center left country on issues, and a center right country on electoral politics. The tribal instinct is that strong in a society that has not experienced serious enough pain, yet, from GOP governance. Obama kept us out of the abyss for economics, and generally, the public thinks it was republicans pointing out his death panels that is responsible and spending from a bill that was actually pre paid for. So we go merrily on, clueless and lazy, and believing crazy people still have the remedy to it all.

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