Friday, November 23, 2007

Iraq -- Land of Eternal Misery

Iraq faces cholera health catastropheFriday, November 23, 2007 11:24 GMTBaghdad is facing a health catastrophe, with reports of cholera rising over the past weeks to more than 80 new cases, Iraq’s Health Ministry said. Most of the new cases have been reported in poor areas deprived of water and other basic services, an official at the Health Ministry said. The official added that six government hospitals suffer from unsanitary water supplies among which Yirmuk Hospital.
Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV Network | Iraq News | Iraq faces cholera health catastrophe

How many Cholera outbreaks happened in Iraq prior to Bush's most awful adventure in creating Democracy through the barrel of an M-16? But wingnuts cry out that Bush didn't invent Cholera, so what's the problem. And anyway The SURGE IS WORKING defeatocrats, didn't you read Krauthammer in the Post this morning.

Well how can you argue with the Grand Poopah neocon himself, whose been wrong about everything he's said about Iraq from goddamn day one. Message to wingnuts, surge this -- clean water and lots of medicine yesterday, or Cholera and other diseases raging in the sewage soaked streets of Mesopotamia will play hell with Teh Surge success. And if you can't manage that, send lots of lumber for the about to soar demand for caskets. Yea, I know it will play hell with the budget deficit THAT YOU FUCKING CREATED. But isn't that why God created Chinese loan sharks. And don't fret too much., the kid's will pay for it.

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