Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Anti-Theist/Terrorist Hordes Are Coming For You

I had not planned to blog about the tragic killings over the weekend at two Colorado churches. The young man responsible was obviously disturbed to do such a thing which unfortunately is happening in our country way to often. I don't know why this occurs, since I'm not any kind of expert in criminal sociology, and any ideas I have on the subject would be pure uninformed speculation. However, the wingnut brigades seem to claim wisdom on all things violent in and outside the United States. After stumbling across this gem of wingnuttery from the Vox Popoli I followed the first link as their main source and discovered that wingnuts have their own private Intelligence Service right here in the states that provides them with the latest on the terrorists hiding behind your tree.

Well, anyway, that is a subplot to this post. The main story is the analysis of our paranoid friends in the wingnutosphere. It seems, according to Vox Populi, this was a hate crime/terrorist attack by an atheist , and more sinister an anti-theist individual. I' not sure what the difference is but VP does so it's cool. Much of this, I suspect comes from an anonymous law enforcement source who stated the shooter, Mathew Murray "hated Christians".

Anyway VP deduces his hate crime/terrorist theory on this anonymous "law enforcement source" neglecting to consider several items of Mr. Murray's past that would tend to disprove his theory.

Things like the fact Mr. Murray wanted to be a missionary since being homeschooled within a very religious family. Also, that he had attended a program at one of the attacked churches and had been kicked out several years ago for health concerns. VP also fails to consider that Murray attended church regularly.

Now it's fair to say Murray was angry at the church for dropping him from a program that would have trained him to do what he'd dreamed about becoming --a missionary. You could even stretch that to say he hated Christian's or churches. However, this kind of anger or hatred does not seem to fit the meaning of hate crime as I understand it. His rage appears to come not from someone who has a broad ideological beef with religion but more of a specific disappointment that progressed into despair from a sense of personal failure. Any way, below is the first paragraph of the VP post with a link to the etire post.

Atheist killers
My, my, what a coincidence. As expected, yet another shooter turns out to be a militant anti-theist:

According to a law enforcement source, the man professed to "hate all Christians," and reportedly left a note or letter that he intended to murder as many Christians as possible

Following is a comment from one of VP commenters who is not buying VP's silliness.
But let's get the whole picture: "The gunman was identified as Matthew Murray, 24, who was home-schooled in what a friend said was a deeply religious Christian household."

Not sure how truly atheist he was, but he was certainly disturbed. Well, at least he didn't go to public skools--

The other fascinating nugget of info I mentioned is the wingnut intelligence bureau, or whatever. Their full title is

Our Mission:

The mission of the Northeast Intelligence Network consists of the following:

# To use our heavily screened and well-qualified informational and operational assets to investigate potential terrorist threats which threaten the safety and security of our nation, our neighborhoods, and our families.

# To provide accurate and well-sourced information via our web site to educate our site visitors to the true nature of the terrorist threats we face.

# To provide accurate information about incidents, events and potential terrorist threats by conducting on-site investigation by our qualified personnel.

# When appropriate, offer relevant political commentary and occasional satire where it serves to illustrate a defect in our security and defense against future attacks.

# Through a fee-based subscription to the HQ INTEL-ALERT Private Intelligence Report, we offer specific information about a variety of issues, events and security matters that we feel are too sensitive to place in the public domain. Although some of the information contained in our newsletter is obtained directly from confidential sources within various government agencies, we never violate any laws prohibiting the unlawful dissemination of classified government information. The cost of this newsletter helps us to underwrite the expenses involved in conducting on-site investigations.

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