Friday, December 21, 2007

Iraq Insanity 2.0

12/21/07 NPR: U.S. Troop Surge Quells Violence in Iraq
There's a lull in the fighting in Baghdad as the surge in American troops helps to stabilize the capital. The U.S. military struck deals for peace with Iraqi militias on all sides and in the process gave up on religious reconciliation...

Here we go again. Building on my previous post on the US occupation in Iraq and how it is both causing the "violent differences" between warring factions while providing the solution to those "violent differences" due to the warring factions giving common cause in hating the American occupation more than each other.

The article here reveals more pretzel logic by the US military by making peace themselves with each of Iraq militias and giving up on Iraqi's reconciling with each other. This of course , defeats the most important goal for ending the Iraq quagmire, allowing American troops to leave and come home.

I will say, I think the military is aware of the silliness inherent in this approach but have few options to do otherwise.

Some day this crazy situation has to end with Iraqi's being left alone to settle their differences, like they've been doing for 1400 years give or take.

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