Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Always Been About Pakistan

I haven't written anything on Pakistan and Bhutto's assassination in order to let the dust settle on what actually is going on. I don't know who killed Ms. Bhutto, but it looks like Musharraf didn't exactly make an acceptable effort to protect her. I will say the scenario in Pakistan is not historically unfamiliar with many instances of dictaors who may have started out well meaning and became enamored with themselves and their power. As an American it is becoming more obvious this situation was fueled by the ever incompetent Bush Administration. Even uber neocon John Bolton is complaining about Bush's "micromanaging" Pakistan's internal politics. And several experts have commented on the folly of Bush's pushing for elections and the return of Bhutto and Shariff, the other major political figure who was in exile. Everything I've read about Pakistan's history is that when the country begins to come apart the best solution is to exile some of the leaders in conflict with one another.

How many times now have we seen George W. Bush get it wrong in foreign affairs. Whether it be Iraq, or allowing Hamas to take power in Palestine, and now with Pakistan.

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