Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wingnuts Say the Strangest Things

Does anyone see anything wrong with this enlightened comment from mouths of The Sundries Shack.
It’s an amazing country in which we live where we will 1) allow a suspected terrorist operating outside the bounds of the Geneva Conventions a civil lawyer, 2) allow someone who is not a U.S. citizen to act in our courts, and 3) allow such a case knowing that it follows exactly the instructions we know that al-Qaeda has given its operatives.
That's right, so it's just dandy to jail and use "enhanced interrogation techniques" torture suspected terrorists while holding them incommunicado from the world and a lawyer. I truly wonder what country the assholes grew up in.

From the innertubes we get wisdom from Powerlie
That title reminds us that much of what the CIA does is supposed to be clandestine. In essence, the CIA was conceived as an organization that would do secret things to obtain information, and then analyze that information. It was always understood that some of the secret things would be unsavory. It was never understood that the CIA would keep recordings of these actions just in case a court, a congressional committee, or a newspaper might want to take a look. The idea was to win the Cold War, not to create an album.
"Some of these secret things would be unsavory. They can't even bring themselves to say torture. By all means the CIA should be beyond any accountability to do whatever the hell they it wants in our name. SCARY PEOPLE are the Torture Party GOP.

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