Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Big Bowl of Unity Mush

The gang of alleged centrists that gathered in Oklahoma recently to whine about all the partisanship in American politics was a case study in the "false equivalency " the press and others have adopted in recent decades. No problem exists in the current state of political hostility between the parties that blame isn't equally shared be each of our major parties. Yadda, yadda, ya....

You can tune to any network or cable news or political show and here it all day every day. Bullshit. Just total bullshit. First of all, you can't characterize one party [democrats} for being weak and not standing up to Republicans and Bush and in the next breath claim that the both parties are involved equally in being stubborn and uncooperative. We saw this with democrat's bending over backward to give Bush whatever he wanted after 9-11, from massive tax cuts for the the rich to the misbegotten nightmare of the Iraq invasion and occupation. Not to mention a raft of other bad legislation.

This issue goes back to what I call the empowerment of the "Texas GOP Mafia" during the presidential campaign of 1988, when we were first treated to the nasty campaigning of Lee Atwater with the Bush SR. campaign. The Willie Horton add of race baiting was but one example of the politics of personal destruction practiced with zeal by GOP Texans. Then after republicans won the House of Representatives back in 1994, the era of Tom Delay and Dick Armey took hold and the brutal tactics of scorched earth politics expanded as a handtool of southern ideologues such as Newt Gingrich et al....... The hunting of President Clinton, marked for removal from office by a determined GOP, was a shining example of the new Washington power play owned and operated by ultra-conservative southerners who ran congress like so many mob bosses. Anyone in the GOP and out did things the "Hammer" {Tom Delay} way or they were politically whacked.

So please Senator's Boren and Nunn, spare us your mushy middle politics and lay blame where it's most due. Squarely on the collapsing shoulders of the Grand Old Party. When you start at the beginning, only then can you reach a better end. The political winds blowing across the country are changing and it appears the people are way ahead of you on this and will vote accordingly come next November. Anyhow, we shall see!

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