Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obama and My Growing Admiration

To say that I am impressed by Barack Obama is an understatement. This is true despite my current support for John Edwards. The speech he gave after Iowa did touch me in a way that took me back 40 plus years to John F. Kennedy. I was a sprout then of eight years old. But even at that young age and politically unawares, I still remember the emotion adults experienced and that left a permanent imprint on my psyche. I even saw JFK up close in 1960, right before the election, in a motorcade that passed in front of my grade school. I was standing on the curb as he passed standing and waving in the big black convertible. The image has stuck in my mind because, although it was a cloudy cool autumn day, he appeared clear and bright in a blue suit. And later watching his speeches on television, I didn't really understand what he was talking about, but his tenor and tone gave me a warm safe feeling.

Being much older now, I can't say that Obama gives me a warm and safe feeling, but the tone and tenor of his speaking style is as close to that of JFK as anything I've heard. The few speeches I've listened to since he launched his campaign have appeared to me a process of a person of destiny molting and shedding his skin into something rare and great. The fact that he is young and seemingly wise beyond his years, still doesn't completely mitigate his lack of experience. But each time I see him speak, I lose a little bit of concern that he isn't quite ready for prime time. His public speaking talents strike me as utterly unteachable and more a gift of grace and connection with some other wisdom that captures attention and doesn't let go. I expect, by the time the primaries reach New Mexico I will be solidly in the Obama camp. And if he wins, I pray to God that he and his family are kept safe.

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