Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spy on America Act

Here we go with the protect the telecom's from lawless spying on America Bamboozlerama. Jay Rockefeller this morning nearly made me upchuck breakfast with his "poor little telecom couldn't say no to Bush" shtick . Yea right Jay, they couldn't afford lawyers to tell them they must go thru the courts in order to eavesdrop on American citizens. What a steaming pile of rancid shit. These are some of the wealthiest corporations on the planet, with a literal army of high cheek attorneys whose sole purpose is to know what laws apply and to keep {supposedly} the Verizon's and A T & T's of the world from breaking those laws.

Then there's Arlen "forked tongue" Spector going on about all the nasty letters he's sent to Cheney and Bush. He should be nominated for the world double talking bullshitter award. if there was one.

It's hard to grasp exactly how this is going to shake out. Either Harry Reid is playing a crafty game of rulesmanship or he's about to sell the farm to the peeping tom Bush administration and to all administrations to follow. Thom Jefferson has to be spinning in his grave about now, I suspect. Anyway, the whole thing is about money and influence. The few telecoms got the big buck's to pay for influence in their efforts to monopolize the entire spectrum of mass communication, and congress critters are all to eager to oblige in exchange for campaign contributions [payola]. Fuck 'em one and all if this passes giving a free pass to the lawbreakers.

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Here is an Update from TPM on what Reid is up to. I suggest this yesterday and was jumped by hate Harry dems who seem to have some kind of anxiety disorder. Anyway, here it is
"As I have said before, if there are Senators who don't like these amendments and think they should be subjected to 60-vote thresholds, these Senators are going to have to engage in an old-fashioned filibuster. These amendments are by and large germane, and I believe they should be adopted if a majority of the Senate supports them."

You can Reid's entire statement here.

When Reid said something similar yesterday, a number of people interpreted it as in reference to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) who has said that he would filibuster any bill that contained retroactive immunity. Now it seems as if that remark was meant for everyone.

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