Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flip-flopping Maverick Saint McCain

I use to have a modicum of respect for John McCain. There was an element of independence from him in a party that doesn't suffer well dissent in it's ranks. But that "Maverick" is no more. His transformation from so called maverick, to flip-flopping panderer to the amoral right, is sad to see. In the National Journal article I am linking to, McCain's pathetic effort to justify his vote against making waterboarding illegal for all government agencies is both enraging and so weak as to be laughable.
McCain's vote against the bill seemed to contradict his public statements opposing torture generally and the practice of waterboarding in particular. McCain, who is trying to appeal to his party's conservative base, told reporters he believes his position is consistent.

"We always supported allowing the CIA to use extra measures. I believe that waterboarding is illegal and should be banned," he said.

"My position was very clear," he added. "We have said... that we would allow the CIA to use additional techniques that were not in violation of the anti-torture convention, that were not in violation of the Geneva Conventions and were not in violation of the Detainee Treatment Act."

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