Monday, February 11, 2008

Very Interesting

A group of British Judges will decide if the Blair government breached it's duty to ensure the invasion of Iraq was legal. I'm not an expert or even a novice at understanding the British system of justice, but this sounds pretty serious. Well here is the article that explains it. Needless to say the Brits go about things different than we do.
* Published Date: 12 February 2008
* Source: Press Association
* Location: The Press Association Newsdesk

Government 'breached duty' on Iraq

The Blair Government breached its duty to the men and women of the armed forces by failing to ensure in advance that the invasion of Iraq was lawful and justified, a powerful committee of nine Law Lords has been told.
"That duty is owed to soldiers who are under the unique compulsory control of the State and have to obey orders," said Rabinder Singh QC, for the mothers of two 19-year-old men killed in Iraq.

"They have to put their lives in harm's way if necessary because their country demands it. There is what some people call a military covenant between the State and those who are literally prepared to put their lives at risk for the sake of their country."

The Lords are hearing a renewed bid by Beverley Clarke and Rose Gentle to force the government to order a public inquiry into Britain's involvement in the Iraq conflict.

Why can't we have something like this in America. It sound highly democratic to be able to directly petition a high court to accuse the government of bad faith or even criminality. That could be why we have a President wittingly or unwittingly presiding over an administration that appears more like a crime syndicate than anything else. The following paragraph does offer suspicious goings on about how Blair got the legal go ahead to join up with Bush for the disaster of Iraq. I think maybe the Brits were taking lessons from Asscroft and Gonzo et al...on how to shine up a lawless turd.
At the centre of the argument over whether the decision to invade was lawful is the families' demand for an explanation as to how 13 pages of "equivocal" advice from the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, of March 7 2003, was reduced within 10 days to one page of completely unequivocal advice that an invasion would be legal.

Sound like they got additional lessons from Herr Cheney on "we can do any fucking thing we want, if we say it's Ok!"

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