Friday, February 1, 2008

Wingnuts Say the Strangest Things

The following quote comes from the right wing blog Blue Crab Boulevard . It is a post commenting on Captain Ed's sort of chastising of Ann Coulter, uber wingnut flamethrower, and conservative psycho-bitch from hell.

"Maybe that's a harsh way to put it, but maybe it is time for some harsh words. I regularly castigate the same behavior coming from the left. I do not wish to see the right go down that same road."

Dear Mr. Blue Crab,

The road you speak of was built by the conservative movement for the sole purpose of smearing liberals and democrats without limit or remorse. The "I regularly castigate the same behavior coming from the left" is just priceless. No doubt some democrats have attempted to respond in kind to the Coulter's of your GOP, and yes, there are plenty more smear merchants besides her. However, their attempts fall well short of the abject depravity standards we've become accustomed to from republican "hard ball politics".

Given the foul opinion most Americans currently hold on republicans, I think it wise your apparent willingness to make some much needed changes in the GOP style of gutter politicking.
However, lancing the festering boil of Coulter, is only a small step where broad leaps are required to clean up your act. I firmly believe you will eventually re-invent the Republican Party and conservative movement. but it most likely will take a few more electoral thrashings like 2006.

In the meantime, may I offer a bit of advice. Projecting your inadequacies onto democrats will never work, though I suspect you will learn this like everything else--slow and painful.

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